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Juan Headshots Edited-6


  • I’m an enigma. A man of many talents, ideas, and resources.

  • I love socializing and having a good time with friends and family.


  • Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland. YES!!! I love my city. My environment made me who I am, and I want to give back to make this city better.

  • Engaged to my lovely fiancé Tiffani.

  • Many nieces and nephews. Too many to name. Just know I love them all.

  • I love my dog, Bailey. Tiff and I call her my second girlfriend.

  • Education: Civil Engineering. Morgan State University Graduate.

  • Job Before Photography & During: Construction Project Manager

  • I love puzzles, hence why I enjoy construction.

  • When I was younger, I wanted to tell stories, and become a novelist or journalist. I am sort of a history buff.

  • Photography allows me to solve different puzzles, be creative, document stories, and tell each story creatively.

  • Member of KAPPA ALPHA PSI Fraternity Inc.

  • Known but Unknown Fact: Unofficial spokesperson for EXPRESS. My closet is full of clothes from Express.

  • Klassic Man. I taught myself how to tie a bowtie on my 21st birthday. 3 hours of YOUTUBE before I celebrated a great milestone.

  • Favorite Music: 90’s – 00’s R&B.

  • Favorite Music Artist: Nas

  • Favorite Drink: Old Fashion or Moscow Mule

  • Jordans or dress shoes?? Both.

  • Determined + Energetic + Confident + Charismatic

Contact me

Tel: 410-428-8734


As an artist, I am always growing, learning, and developing my talents. Each photograph is an opportunity to grow, learn, and to try something new, creative.
My style of photography is that of a puzzle — I lean on my experience as a project manager to be very observant and adaptive — to view every detail, every piece, and every expression (candid, blatant or subtle) as they happen. I then capture each in real-time to complete the puzzle and tell a full, detailed story.
I want you to enjoy your time working with me, not having to worry about a thing, and know you are getting some dope, creative images. Every time I work with you, I want to provide an amazing experience that you will value forever.
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